Life Update: 5th September to 19th September

Hi everyone

So my birthday party went really well except for a few small issues such as the cake didn’t arrive with the candle even though I gave the staff at the bar the candles, I wasn’t provided with a microphone on the night even though I asked the event coordinator Rachel for one and the service was a bit slow. It was hard to get the attention of the staff some times there should be more staff on if there is an event going on at the Propaganda Club on Grenfell Street. I had a good time though and a couple of drinks so I was a bit tipsy that night. I went to karaoke at K-illusion with some friends from the party afterwards and that was fun as I haven’t been to karaoke in a long time. I did miss it.

I then left for Sydney on the 5th September and stayed in Sydney for 1 night. My family friend Steph and Aunty Margot picked me up and then showed me around Royal Botanic Gardens, I had a late lunch as my flight was delayed and I treated aunty Margot and steph to drinks. They already had lunch. I then checked in at my hotel. I stayed at the Tank Stream Hotel, which was nice but room was small. However, I had a nice view of Pitt Street and of Raddison Hotel. I had a rest then we later went to Spice Alley in Chippensdale, which I have heard about and to Koi Dessert Bar but I didn’t see Reynold Poernomo from Masterchef there. I didn’t do much the next day I went for a walk down to Martin Place saw Channel 7’s Morning Show filming and walked into the Lindt Cafe just to check it out. It was so dark and gloomy in there it didn’t feel comfortable to eat in there. I then saw the Battles for Australia ceremony in Martin Place, which was interesting then I later walked back to my hotel as I had checked out earlier and waited for taxi to pick me up to go the Sydney domestic airport.

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What I am Wearing for My 30th Birthday Party 

Hi everyone

I am turning 30 soon like in 5 days time so I am having a big party tonight. Last night, was suppose to be my birthday dinner with my family but it turned out to be just a dinner with relatives from Malaysia. I was a bit disappointed last night as no one even mentioned it was my birthday coming up and that’s why we were having mee sua, which was Birthday noodles that symbolises long life. We had other food too not just mee sua. I didn’t want to mention it as I didn’t want to sound so self-centred and dinner was for my cousin to catch up with my nephew from Malaysia .

Anyways, I am having a party tonight so it will be a big night for me and I will be the centre of attention. I basically organised it myself. I will feel proud of myself if it all goes smoothly. I am wearing a burgundy dress with nude shoes. I don’t have a photo of the shoes but I have a photo of my dress. It looks better on the model though. And it will look better on me once I get my hair, and make up done. My dress looks dirty but that’s dirt from the mirror. Sorry about that. It’s a really nice lace dress from Forever New. Apologise in advance for the mess on my floor.

I was going to wear rose gold shoes but I thought that will distract people and not focus on the dress so I decided to go for nude shoes. I am not going to wear a necklace because of the nice lace at the top. I will put a link to the dress so you can see it on a model. It looks better on the model. What do you think? 
I will post more photos of my party soon. 
Happy reading!

Love Nat xo

7 Ways on How I Do Self Care

Hi everyone

So this week I’ve kind of been feeling like crap with my period starting again, which comes with mood swings, pain and nausea because of my Endometriosis, and having a fight with my sister so I thought I’d give you some ideas by showing you how I do self care

Tips on Self Care:

  1. Surround yourself with positive people – so remove yourself from those toxic people and surround yourself with positive people. For me, it’s unfortunately not with my sister as my sister and I had a fight on Monday night. I don’t want to rehash it so I’m just going to leave it for now but I think my sister and I need to spend more time apart so I’ve removed myself from her life for a while and just be civilised with her on Friday and Saturday night for my birthday dinner and birthday party.  I don’t think I can deal with anymore of her judging and criticisim. I’m surrounding myself with people that I love like my mum and dad, who let me stay over at their house that night as I wasn’t good enough to drive. That’s how bad our fight was. I’m grateful for their support and love.
  2. Deactivate Facebook – I had to deactivate Facebook for a while because I wasn’t in the right mood. I wasn’t feeling happy. I needed to take care of myself first and not compare myself to other people so I thought deactivating Facebook was the best thing to do.
  3. Have a meal with people that you love – food can be a good way of dealing with stress. I had lunch with my mum today at Ryo’s Noodles. I felt like ramen so I thought going there would be good as I hadn’t been for a long time and my mum hasn’t been before. My mum was in town anyways so I thought to have lunch with her. It was nice having company and not being with your negative thoughts.
  4. Get a massage – I went to get a massage today at Chi Body Care at Westfield Marion. It was so good. It gave me time to give myself affirmation whilst relaxing and it just felt so nice.
  5. Shopping – shopping is great retail therapy like they say. I decided to go shopping today after my massage as I needed to get my dad a Father’s Day present and also some stuff for my party. It felt good getting it all done and it can just be a good distraction from your thoughts as well.
  6. Hot shower or bath – will help you feel better and relaxed even if you don’t feel like you can be bothered or in pain a shower or bath is always good. I’m going to have one after I write this post.
  7. Watch Television or Netflix – Lying on the couch watching television or Netflix will help you relax your mind and make you feel happy if it’s under stress or anxiety. It will distract you from your negative thoughts as well. Just do things you love to do it will make you happy!

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My Week: August 21 to August 27

Hi everyone

So this week has been okay except my period came back again because I did not continue with my pill. I skipped a few days because I am not suppose to take the sugar pill and so I thought I needed to wait until the sugar pill was over to continue with the pill but I wasn’t. So my period came back and so I haven’t been feeling well of course due to my Endometriosis.  The theme for this week is dreamcatchers and feathers as I wanted to use the new stickers that I got from Closet Planner Addict. They are so pretty. I just love dreamcatchers. I wish I had a big one for my house but I can’t seem to find any that I like.

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My Week: August 14 to August 20

Hi everyone

This week has been better. My mood has improved. On Monday, I started work a bit later from 7:45 AM to 3:20 PM but I finished late so I finished at 3:30 PM. I have to take this client to a gp appointment every Monday to get her leg dressed and it’s just so stressful as I have to speak to the nurse and the doctor about the leg wound that I don’t know much about and then I have to repeat what they say to me to the coordinator. I have to go into the office every Monday to speak to the coordinator and don’t get paid from client to the office. It’s just a lot of responsibility, so time consuming and I use a lot of petrol for it at least I get to claim the petrol on tax. I put a reminder to pay my parking fine and to pay my Internode (internet) bill but I didn’t pay until later in the week.

Photo 20-8-17, 2 30 11 pm

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Get to Know Me.

Hi everyone

I decided to do an About Me tag that has been going around on Youtube. I have been watching Youtube videos since 2005 and I’ve seen this tag around so I thought this will be a great way to introduce myself. I’m not going to do a video though… I’m just answering these questions in this blog post. I hope you don’t mind. It’s also called the Get To Know Me tag. I found the questions on so here it goes!


Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 5.26.54 PM

1. What is your middle name? I don’t have a middle name but I use my Chinese name as my middle name.

2. What is your favorite color? My favourite colour is red. It brings happiness, love and good luck. I’ve been really into blue lately as well. It just makes me feel calm and relaxed. I guess I have two favourite colours now.

3. Who was your first best friend? My childhood best friend is Stephanie as we were both born in Hong Kong, grew up together until I was four years old and even though we went our separate ways we still keep in touch. I am actually going to see her next month in Sydney. My school best friend though is Katherine. I’ve known Kat for 17 years and she’s like a sister to me. I can tell her anything and I miss her so much because she now lives in Melbourne. Continue reading “Get to Know Me.”

My Week: August 7 to August 13

Hi everyone

So this week has been okay. On Monday, I had work from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM. I got to go home for a break, which was good. Then on Tuesday, I had brunch with my friend Nicole. She use to work at Hungry Jack’s City Cross with me and we’ve kept in touch ever since. We went to Peter Rabbit on Hindley Street. I had always wanted to go there as I had heard a lot about it and it’s suppose to be based on the Peter Rabbit books by Beatrix Potter. Well, that’s what it reminds me of. It’s a nice, cosy cafe with a fantastic outdoor area that reminds me of an English garden where rabbits can roam. It will be nice there in the summer. They do have a rabbit there that you can pet but it wasn’t there when we went, which was a shame. I had the campfire mushrooms with pumpkin damper. It was delicious but I couldn’t finish it all. We then went to Target afterwards and went home. I also did a bit of shopping beforehand. Afterwards, I had my physio appointment  at 5:15 PM so it was a busy day.

Photo 13-8-17, 9 47 36 am

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Hi everyone

I’m needing inspiration for my blog. I’ve lost inspiration and always don’t like what I’m writing so I delete my posts. Now I don’t know what to write. I’m not loving stationery as much anymore. It’s kind of boring. I’m probably just going to write whatever comes to my head.

Blogs that I’ve found inspiring are:

  • Paper Lovestory: she does a blog that is to do with stationery but she also talks about her life as a medical student and also about books. I love reading her blog and looking at her photos.
  • Poppy Deyes: she’s Alfie Deyes’s (Youtuber) sister and I guess she rose to fame through him. She doesn’t post as much as Paper Lovestory but she has really nice photos on her blog, and is really into fashion, and interior design.
  • Zoella: is a Youtuber and Alfie’s girlfriend. She hasn’t posted since March so she doesn’t post regularly but you can see her on Youtube on her Zoella channel or MoreZoella channel where she does vlogs and talk about beauty, and fashion. She became famous through her blog and now has her own beauty line, stationery and lifestyle range, her own books Girl Online series, and even has her own wax figure with Alfie at Madame Taussads in London I believe. She has over 11 million subscribers so she’s pretty famous. Wish she will post more on her blog though.
  • 30 days of smiles:  haven’t read much of her blog actually as some of it is quite depressing but she posts regularly. Her summary is ‘life mission is to spread love and happiness even in the tough times’.

What blogs do you read? Please leave a link to them below. I would love to check them out. Happy reading!

Love Nat xx