Hi everyone

I’m needing inspiration for my blog. I’ve lost inspiration and always don’t like what I’m writing so I delete my posts. Now I don’t know what to write. I’m not loving stationery as much anymore. It’s kind of boring. I’m probably just going to write whatever comes to my head.

Blogs that I’ve found inspiring are:

  • Paper Lovestory: she does a blog that is to do with stationery but she also talks about her life as a medical student and also about books. I love reading her blog and looking at her photos.
  • Poppy Deyes: she’s Alfie Deyes’s (Youtuber) sister and I guess she rose to fame through him. She doesn’t post as much as Paper Lovestory but she has really nice photos on her blog, and is really into fashion, and interior design.
  • Zoella: is a Youtuber and Alfie’s girlfriend. She hasn’t posted since March so she doesn’t post regularly but you can see her on Youtube on her Zoella channel or MoreZoella channel where she does vlogs and talk about beauty, and fashion. She became famous through her blog and now has her own beauty line, stationery and lifestyle range, her own books Girl Online series, and even has her own wax figure with Alfie at Madame Taussads in London I believe. She has over 11 million subscribers so she’s pretty famous. Wish she will post more on her blog though.
  • 30 days of smiles:  haven’t read much of her blog actually as some of it is quite depressing but she posts regularly. Her summary is ‘life mission is to spread love and happiness even in the tough times’.

What blogs do you read? Please leave a link to them below. I would love to check them out. Happy reading!

Love Nat xx

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